Strategies to help you unlock new levels and upgrades in the space game

Simulation games like space games have been around for a while, but still difficult to master for most of us. Space games are tactical fun and adventurous but they also require some level of skills if you want to proceed to higher levels. If you are wondering why you keep getting stuck on one level of the game, it could be that you lack some form of strategy or right ammunition to defeat the space ships and space aliens. It takes a lot to move from one mission to another and each new mission will probably be harder than the previous.

Here is what you should do if you want to proceed to higher levels in the game

Watch online videos on how to unlock new levels

Sometimes, you may have the strategies all laid out but you still won’t unlock new levels in the game. Great skill is required to move from one level to another. The easiest way to get information about unlocking new levels in the game is to watch videos from gamers who have already played the game. A video demonstration is simple and will probably help you get through some of those difficult levels. Unlocking new levels will give you new upgrades as well. You can also collect the upgrades as you play through the games. The weapon and ammunition upgrades help you defeat the attacker or enemy fleet as the levels continue to go up.

You do not need to go to a different level to unlock an upgrade

Most people are so hell bent on completing a level that they forget to collect the upgrades for weapons and ammunition. Some of the upgrades are given to you when you complete a level but others may appear in the game as you are battling the enemy. When playing the space game, make sure you pay close attention to the environment. You do not want to miss any hidden gifts and upgrades that will boost your weapon system, ammunition and immunity.

Pay attention to all the details on your screen

Sometimes, you will get tips on how you can unlock the new levels in the game. The best one will involve directions on how you can defeat an enemy ship. All the new instructions that you missed in the trial game may appear on the screen as you are playing the first few levels. Danger indicators will save you from counter attacks and secret attacks from your enemies. Also, paying attention to the number of lives you have during the game will help you play it safe and probably last the entire level

The final word

Getting new upgrades for your spaceship is important, especially if you are proceeding to a different level. The upgrades will help you fight the enemies better and break through to different levels faster. The more levels you play, the harder the game becomes. You will need to practice on your strategies and skills to beat the games at the higher levels.