Space game combats

Combats in space games usually occur between two space fleets that will engage each other using some shop-based weapons and ammunition. The combat is divided into different phases depending on the level you are playing on. Manual combat is in game and performed mainly by the auto combat. The combat is normally initiates by the attacker. They initiate the combat during an interception or when they have a bounty or attack order on you.

There are many phases in space combat. The first and last phases are mainly to display the condition of your fleet while the other phases involve firing the weapons and battle actions. All weapons have different rounds and this will determine whether you will take down a space fleet or not. beams and Kinets fired towards the enemy will either injure their ship or destroy it depending on its power and accuracy.  The phases in the game have very different effects on the accuracy and damage you cause to the enemy fleet.

The introductory phase of the game gives you an opportunity to choose your battle ship and weapons before you start opening fire. There are long range combats which involve accurate missile weapons and medium to short range phases that utilise beam shots to take down the enemy. Keep in mind that kinetic weapons are not accurate in either phases and you will have to use extra skill to get the enemy. The next phase involves damaging the enemy ship and a short report announcing the winner of the battle or combat.

The battle actions you should take

Battle actions are played during the entire game when you are trying to take down the enemy.  Battle actions involve defense, attacks and other actions you take to save your fleet from the enemy attack. Battle actions can be used to take advantage of the enemy’s fleet. Using tricks and special moves, you can make the enemy weaker through manipulation. This will direct your battle in your favour and you may actually win the combat. The real time strategies in the game will give you some advantage over the enemy.

Counter attacks are also useful when you are battling a strong enemy in the space game. This move also reduces the advantages the enemy might have over you. Battle actions that involve blocking the enemy or attacking them by surprise are good forms of counter attacks. If you attack the enemy through aggressive moves you are more likely going to increase the difference between your hits and win the battles.

Engineering counter attack tactics give you a slight advantage over the enemy. Space shield may hold off the enemy for a while but they will be able to penetrate and destroy your ships after several hits. This does not mean you are giving them the chance to, it only means you are saving your fleet as you create some new strategies. This game should be played just like any other battle games. Do not be afraid to strategise and introduce new strategies mid game in order to destroy the enemy fleet.