How to stop space invaders – basics

Since their invention decades ago, space games have become a favourite among many gamers. They are fun, easy and can take control of your imagination. Space defense games have a unique picture quality and some of the best sound systems compared to other games. Developers have created different types of space games compatible to androids, pc, IOS, and other systems to satisfy different types of consumers. It all depends on how you want to play the game

In majority of the space games, you are the commander of your own fleet. This means that you are responsible for defending your planet or planets from an infinite number of space invaders that are constantly coming your way.  Throughout this whole process, you will be able to earn new upgrades and ships. The more levels you proceed on the better the upgrades become. High powered upgrades together with your perfect strategies will be enough to defeat the space invaders.

The tactics below will help you learn how to defeat the space invaders fast

Spread your upgrades

At the beginning of the space game, you at provided with ammunition and ships that you can use for attack and defence. If all the ships work the same, there is probably no need to draw the attention to one specific one. As you continue to progress through the game to higher levels, your powers will begin to increase and you will gain the ability to upgrade the ship and its powers.

 Upgrades are pretty important when it comes to boosting your combat abilities. They also become more expensive as you continue to proceed to higher levels. Spreading all your upgrades evenly throughout a certain level will prove to be more cost efficient. Pouring all your resources on one level or enemy is a loss and will cost you in the future.

Go for stronger attacks

Idle space games will let you shoot and defend your territory without needing to tap on any of the attack controls. To increase the shooting attack from your ship, you can simply tap on the shoot forward button on your controls. Some control buttons unleash spray shots that will defeat the enemy instantly while others will increase the spaceship’s speed. Taping on spray buttons will help you defeat multiple invaders easily.

Earn simple upgrades easily

The most common way to earn more upgrades is progressing through the game’s levels. The problem is, it will probably take you a while to earn those upgrades. Some mission levels are long and difficult which means you will keep losing the levels and also lose a chance to get better upgrades. You can take advantage of this by playing extra missions outside the main missions to earn and buy new upgrades.

Upgrades are pretty important if you want to take on the space invaders. As you proceed to higher levels, they become tougher and much harder to beat. Ensure you keep your lives intact throughout the game and save them to beat the big spaceship at the end of every level.