Defense systems in the space game

Your fleet strength and size counts for a lot when it comes to space games.  The fleets serve as a mounting platform for all of your weapons and defence systems. This determines your result in battles with the enemies. Your combat is worn only if you have the best defence systems and weapons which mean you should have the best ships. The weapons in different levels are optimised for very different battles and ranges in the game.  To counter your enemy’s equipment you will need a high range weapons system and great fleet composition.

The weapons and defence systems

Beams and shields

In the space games, the beams are pretty useful and versatile. They are medium ranged weapons and work pretty well in all phases and levels of combat in the game. Once you unlock the beams in the first few levels, you should make them your to-go weapons on every part of the game. They work well to annihilate. Beams have a higher template when compared to Missiles and kinetics.  Even so, they all work at similar rates and produce almost similar damages just not in the same range.   

You can counter the beam damage from your enemy by suing shields and other defense modules. Shields reduce the set amount of damage that you can get from your enemy’s weapons. You can use this to defend your fleet when you have little ammunition left.  They absorb a high percentage of the damage that should be caused by the enemy weapons.

Missiles and flak

Missiles are considered to be long range weapons in the space game.  You can fire them to your enemy to delay constant damage caused by their weapons. The missiles only go for one round at a time to make an extreme damage instead of taking constant shots. You can shoot them in cycles unlike other weapons. They are very accurate and effective for long range weapons. They will eliminate your enemy before they get the chance to shoot at you.

Delayed impact on the missile makes you very vulnerable. The enemy can choose to intercept before the missile hits their ships. Flak modules on the other hand are pretty effective. You can use them to fire intercepting projectiles at your enemy. The flak module can eliminate a missile in one single phase. Missiles should be used on offense systems because they can eliminate the enemy early in the first few stages.  Missiles do not give your enemy the chance to repair their fleets and are good at eliminating the enemies that have a poor defense system.

Kinetics and deflectors

These are short range weapons that can be used on approaching enemies. They are inaccurate and can scatter across a given range. They do not impose such a great damage on your enemy ship. If you are going to use kinetics as a defense system, you better have a shield in place to protect you from effective enemy weapons. Shields reduce some damage by removing the impact that will be caused by some of the enemy’s long range weapons.