Falcon Rock Command is one of the most popular communities of the space gamers where you can have the best experience of the space ride and battle for free. If you are a real simulation lover then you are at the right place. Our graphics, strategies and game plan will never let your enthusiasm down. As you will proceed to higher levels, you will be unlocking marvelous new worlds where you will not only get more features but our specially designed nebula backgrounds are going to star struck your mind. You can also subscribe to our newsletters and blogs where you will learn about the amazing tactics to unlock new levels, weapons, spacecrafts, etc. and also how to upgrade your gaming skills.

The weapons, spacecrafts and ammunition are designed in a way that you will get a complete different space game combat experience. Our team has worked hard in designing several phases at every stage so that you won’t get bored but enjoy every second of the battle. Apart from the battles, we have also added the features like collecting the coins with completed missions and daily login rewards. You can use these to buy new space crafts, guns, specialized space map and avatars for you.

We understand the next generation gamers and their needs, thus we have designed this game with utmost 3D effects and super fine quality graphics. These not only look good but also provide better visibility. We have also added convenient control so that you can play for hours without getting tired and also beginner can adapt the finger movements very easily.To make it more interesting, we have added a few small games within the main game which are just the small challenges for which you will get rewards. Once you get the track of the game then you are going to explore the beauty of the universe on your screen with your joystick.